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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Types of Sticker Stocks.....

There are hundreds of stocks accessible and one can get them easily from a local printer. I have categorized almost all of the stocks being used for sticker printing. Most of them has already been posted, the rest of them are as below:

1. PVC White Vinyl Stock Stickers

This stock is accessible mostly in white color. This stock is known for its versatility for printing options over it. It’s durable with permanent adhesive. They are used for sticker printing especially for outdoor exposure. They have the ability to resist the weather conditions for a longer period and are affordable as they cost not much than static clings or foil stock stickers.
You can find this stock both with matte and gloss lamination. Almost every method of printing; e.g. digital printing, litho method, offset printing techniques are applicable over this stock. Offset and digital printing techniques produce the best results.

2. Vinyl Stock Reflectors

These vinyl stock reflectors have their high demand in present day life. Can be of any color and can reflect light and hence are visible even in dark when a very low light is exposed to them. These kinds of stickers, sign boards and banners can easily be noticed on highways, reflecting the light from your car and showing various signals. Experts say neon is used in these stocks, which on getting a very small amount of light makes itself visible in dark.
These Reflecting stickers are also for caution and danger labels. Police, fire brigade and other emergency fighter departments are giant consumer of this stock. Moreover this stock is now also used for marketing purposes. Many people have been using this stock for sticker printing

• Security Slogans, Caution Labels etc.

3. Intense Vinyl Stock

Intense vinyl stock stickers are now getting popular in the market. As they glow in complete dark, they are also known as glow in dark stickers. They do not need any light exposed to them for brightening. They can be of any color. Almost 64 colors are found in the market in this stock. This stock is also known as fluorescent vinyl stock and this has been proved to be great for sticker printing. They are durable and fit for outdoor usage. Children’s rooms are decorated with these kinds of stickers printed in stars, moon and sun etc.

• Ceiling Decoration. (especially for child room)
• Musical Instrument Decoration.
• Hardware decoration etc.

4. Re-Usable Stocks

Re-usable stock stickers have their reputable demand in the present printing market. They are known as static clings. They are self adhesive (not permanent) and easily applicable over glass or any smooth surface like steel etc. They are purposed for indoor use only. Static clings are widely used as windows decals. As they are easily removable and also re-usable they are very economical and costs much lesser than of vinyl and PVC stocks. This stock is thicker and a bit heavier than the other stocks used for sticker printing. Static clings are usually transparent and any color printing can be done over themOffset printing and digital printing give accurate results over this stock.

• Indoor use on glass and smooth steel surfaces.
• Windows decals etc